Behind of Rumah Designs Studio!

Rumah Designs was established by I Made Jaya Negara, he is someone who is born from the family that is very simple. Since the small art talents have started to appear fond of drawing and imagination. With only high school graduates Jaya brace up for work at an Internet cafe in Jimbaran area of Bali, from there he began to recognize the computer and learn more. He never had the desire to schools in the university, but because of limited costs and a difficult life, he decided not to go to university. But because of the desire for a big change of life and family so he must work.

In 2003 he worked in a printing company for 2 years. And in 2005 he stopped working at the company, and decided to start their own businesses. Seeing the confidence and expertise make him start a design studio at home. First step is to create and promote the website on the internet. With hard work and honesty, he began to get customers from various countries in the world such as the United States and Australia. Service provided by rumahdesigns is making a company logo, graphic design and website design. And all of it done by Jaya.

Until now, studios rumahdesigns growing and able to create designs that can be accepted in the world of business and industry. All that is the blessing of prayer, hard work and family support. Everything we do with hard work we will be able to get what we want.